• Imagine1

    Make a difference
    Every day you make a difference in your job. Imagine if you brought those same skills to helping others. To improve the lives of people who didn’t get your opportunities. Of saving lives, and making lives worthwhile. Just imagine.

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  • Imagine2

    Imagine a grateful smile
    Imagine the difference your time could make. That your skills could bring to bear. Imagine a simple ‘thank you’ or a smile was your reward. Just imagine what a difference you could make. Join Rotary.

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  • StoveTeam International

    Imagine saving lives
    Clean and efficient cookstoves, started by a Rotarian in her 60s and funded by Rotary matching grants, have helped more than 350,000 people in Latin America.

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  • Imagine3

    Imagine a new business
    The business of making a difference. The business of caring, and of sharing your experience. Of restoring pride and rediscovering dignity. Join Rotary and make a difference.

    Doing good in the world Doing good in the world

  • Give back

    Imagine giving back
    Think about it. Your skills are invaluable. The skills that have helped you succeed in business can help change the lives of others less fortunate.

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  • Rotary Stories

    Imagine even more…
    “Service Above Self” projects and stories about Rotarians.

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  • Rotarians at Work

    Imagine working together
    Rotarians at Work is a day when all 1.2 million Rotarians around the world work on community projects…all on the same day. Imagine the difference one day can make.

    Get involved… Get involved…

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Irvine Rotary Events

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“The volunteerism exemplified by Rotary International is an engine for renewal and change in every society. And it is that same volunteer spirit, rooted in compassion and a profound sense of responsibility to our fellow human beings, that offers so much hope for the future, beginning with children.”

– Carol Bellamy, UNICEF executive director